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Georgia Northall

·1 min read

Hartley Pensions launches market-leading SIPP portal

On 4 May 2020, the Bristol-based SIPP and SSAS provider Hartley Pensions launched a market-leading SIPP Portal developed by Newicon. 

We’re really proud to have collaborated with both Hartley Pensions and Bob Design and Marketing to create a revolutionary client portal that goes well above and beyond current industry standards.

Hartley Pensions now have a SIPP portal that provides functionality that simply can’t be rivalled by its competitors. It will revolutionise the pension...

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How to work from home without losing it

Like many businesses across the world right now, we’ve found ourselves in uncharted waters. At Newicon, we’ve always supported remote working, but for the first time in our history, our usually...

Georgia Northall

·7 min read

How to build innovation into your business

Every day at Newicon we have companies come to us looking to help them build new apps, websites and software. We’ve built everything from internal systems to exciting consumer-facing apps, IoT...

Joe Simmons

·2 min read

Announcing Newicon Academy!

Interested in a new career in tech? We’re building a course to get software-engineers of all levels industry-ready. We are very excited to introduce you to our new initiative to help close the...


·1 min read

Newicon’s day of innovation at TEDxBristol 2019

How to start a startup with Bristol’s most inspiring people After being asked to host an interactive experience at Europe’s largest TEDx event — TEDxBristol — we realised that we needed to do...


·11 min read

Newicon features in new ‘Innovate Bristol’ book

Newicon recognised as one of Bristol’s most innovative businesses We’re very proud to announce that Newicon will appear in the new book — Innovate Bristol.  The publication — which has already...

George Barnes

·1 min read

How to start a startup

In the latest of our Team Talk series, Joe discusses a topic close to his heart: how to start a startup. Joe’s had plenty of experience in the area, so if you’re looking to get going with a new...

Joe Simmons

·10 min read

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