Design Sprint

In a perfect world, how would it work?

Get a clickable prototype for your product or idea in just 2 weeks with a Newicon Design Sprint.

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The Design Sprint Process

Rapid innovation and visualisation

When you buy a Design Sprint from Newicon, you're buying a two week process, jammed full of innovation, design, testing, and iterating. And at the end of it, you get a clickable prototype of your bespoke solution.

Our team of expert designers will work closely with you to figure out which features of your product you should focus on, before designing a full experience around those features, and, at the end of the process, giving you a fully-clickable, high-fidelity prototype.

The Schedule

The design sprint follows a structured process so we can blue sky all the features and condense them down into a real MVP. It produces a high fidelity prototype that is used to test and gather feedback from real users.

Prototype Build
Prototype Feedback
User Testing
User Testing Feedback
Prototype Refinement

Results from a design sprint

A tested proven solution ready to build.

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A high fidelity clickable prototype

A clickable prototype means you can interact with it and play with how it feels. You can simulate using the final product as if all the work has already been done. Users can try to accomplish tasks and see how it will work.

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Results of user testing

Testing the prototype enables rapid adoption of change and align all key teams and people. It's much easier to change a design than a finished product! You rapidly gain key customer insights.

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A true MVP scope

Dreaming big is what allows us to start small. We explore all of the possibilities before focusing on what’s essential. As well as a prototype you also get the feature list that would be required to build it.

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Less Cost

Gain the speed of the world’s most innovative companies. Requirements, on complex software projects are always wrong, a prototype allows us to test those requirements and get them less wrong.

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Get People Excited

Everyone can understand a prototype. It's the perfect tool to use to pitch and get people excited about the product.

Newicon developed clickable prototype icon showing the relation between mobile screens

Less risk

The design work has to be done at some point - so do it first before getting caught into long contracts, and building things no one wants!

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What is a design sprint? image

What is a design sprint?

A Design sprint takes the best of design thinking and agile and combines them in an easy to follow process. It is a tried and tested tool for:
  • Generating solutions for business challenges
  • Creating a focused set of features for those solutions
  • Building a working prototype of your solution
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Who is a design sprint for?

Design sprints can be useful for a variety of purposes and businesses. Whether you're designing a new product, developing an app, IoT, or looking to deploy a new workflow/system to improve operations in your organisation, a design sprint is a proven and exciting methodology to move ideas forward at pace.
Why Newicon for design sprints image

Why Newicon for design sprints

Here at Newicon we have over a decade of experience in using Design Sprints to kick-start projects for clients. Sometimes design sprints are standalone. Sometimes they're the start of a bigger project. Either way, our UX designers, graphic designers, developers and innovators know exactly how to ensure your needs are met and your project is a success.
A people-centric design process image

A people-centric design process

Great UX design captures the attention, sticks in the memory, and compels users to take action. It results in products that are so intuitive that users don't give a second thought to the design. We create digital products that do all that, and more. Your digital touch points have to automate processes and wow customers.

Want to build something special?

From Digital Transformation to Augmented Reality, we can help you build your future. Get in touch with us today.

What Is Design Thinking? image

What Is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is an innovative methodology used by the likes of Apple and Google. It’s a human-centred, iterative process that seeks to challenge assumptions, understand users and redefine problems. The resulting solutions are then ready to drive positive change in the marketplace.
Rapid progress & visual results image

Rapid progress & visual results

As digital engineers, we know that prototypes are invaluable to any software or web project. Prototypes are a quick way to get the product in your hands, offering you a true feel for how it'll function. Not only does this mean quicker sign-off from important stakeholders, it also means we can iron out any issues before a single line of code is written.
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Make sense of complexity

Prototypes go well beyond the design
A prototype maps out how the experience will work and you can simulate how a user can achieve their goal. It helps refine the data necessary and the feasibility.
Beautiful visual design image

Beautiful visual design

User Interface Design
We design user interfaces that are as intuitive as they are beautiful. And we think both are equally important. Ease-of-use is integral to a smooth user experience, while carefully-crafted aesthetics make your project stand-out from the crowd and stick in the mind.

View the future

A design sprint is the first sensible step to building an MVP or launching a product.

  • Clickable prototype.
  • Verified idea with real users.
  • Reduce project risk.
  • Get valuable feedback before spending $$.
  • Don't build things users don't care about.
  • Get people excited and see the future!
  • Less cost.
  • A realistic feature list.
  • Rapid prototyping and innovation.
  • Work collaboratively with our expert team.

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