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    Inside, you will get everything you need to run an innovation workshop

    Innovate at pace with design thinking; made easy with our innovation toolkit. You'll learn how to power through ideas and bring them to life. We developed the kit from 14 years of experience working with teams and businesses. Inside the innovation kit, we've put together a package that we wish we had had when we started running workshops! Over the past 14 years, this has been tried and tested with some of the biggest companies in the world. Here's what you will find inside...

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    Learn simple frameworks that provide context, clarity and focus. Tools for the mind to develop team creativity!

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    Wow your team or clients with a great experience using the prescriptive workshop templates and guides

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    Gamify your workshops! Host productive and energising workshops remote or in person.

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    Facilitate every workshop quickly and easily following along with the kits facilitator’s guide

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    Explore challenges collaboratively with your team - find out key improvement areas together using the kits "Explore" process

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    Build products and services for real people. Learn to empathise with key users, understand mindsets and add real value using the kit's "Define" process

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    Develop ideas quickly with your team in hours not weeks using the kit's "Develop" process

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    Visualise tomorrows solutions get collaborative with your team and start visualising, get everyone onboard using the kit's "Visualise" process

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    Amaze participants - clients and team mates with beautiful participant guide

    Who is the Innovation Kit for?

    The Innovation Kit can be used by any team members inside of an organisation; CEO’s, managers, product developers, designers, marketing teams etc. We believe innovation should be part of the culture of an organisation. Embraced by everyone and not an isolated process.

    The kit teaches you step-by-step how to run an innovation workshop in one day and provides the resources you would need to facilitate one!
    All you need to do is:

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    What you will get inside:

    The kit consists of four sessions with practical exercises, prompt cards, worksheets and a facilitators guide.

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    Session 1: Exploring a problem space.

    Set your mind free to explore problems and frustration and transform these into challenges that you and your team will solve during the workshop.

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    Session 2: Defining people’s goals and frustrations

    Understanding people's dreams, goals and frustrations is at the centre of the Innovation process and the focus of this session is on defining who might be affected by the challenge, who they are and how they might interact with it.

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    Session 3: Developing ideas processes and features

    Starting with people's stories, you will identify opportunities and features that might help the people involved to achieve their goals.

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    Session 4: Visualization and storyboarding

    In this final session of the kit you will start designing a simple user interface. Starting with the storylines and features you will create some visualizations showing how a person would interact with your potential solution.

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    Facilitators Guide

    Your trusted cheat sheet - like having a personal innovation workshop expert coach you through each section.

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    Schedule Guide

    Schedule guide, prompt cards and activity sheets

    “Newicon’s approach to design thinking and innovation is the ideal partner for our new curriculum.”

    Innovation Education

    The ability to innovate isn't a rare talent for the lucky few; it's a learnable skill for everybody that packs a powerful punch.

    Our Innovation Kit provides the perfect education framework and environment to empower you and your teams to generate new, creative ideas. We believe that, with a dedicated opportunity and accessible space, everyone in your team can add to the innovative evolution of your business.

    Get the Innovation kit

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    The Complete Package

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    Lifetime access.   Unlimited projects.   Free updates.

    • pdf
    • The 81 page Facilitators Guide pdf
    • 14 page Workshop schedule pdf
    • Schedule & Prompt cards pdf
    • Workshop exercise Miro template file rtb
    • Workshop exercise raw Figma file fig
    • Exclusive access to our innovation kit team project on our basecamp - collaborate with the team on new features and get all new assets (Lifetime membership!)

    The Essentials

    £99 79
    • pdf
    • The 81 page Facilitators Guide pdf

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    Frequently asked questions

    Originally the innovation kit was going to come in board game format - to run through at in-person meetings. However a digital version is more practical given most workshops are happening over zoom and video conference at the moment. We're planning to explore a possible physical version, but right now everything is only available digitally.

    Sure you can, if you want to empower multiple facilitators throughout your business, then see our team pricing Team pricing options here

    Absolutely. Click the "Generate" button on your receipt (from Gumroad) and you can generate an invoice with any information you need.

    Everything is DRM-free. Everything is in PDF format, we also include a .rtb file for Miro project boards.

    Yes, send us a message to and we'll get you a discounted link!

    If you feel this is not for you and you won't be able to use it to run your own workshops or learn great tips. No problem! Email us at within 30 days and we'll refund you in full, no questions asked.

    Yes, you don’t need to be a designer. The Innovation Kit offers everything you need to run successful workshops regardless of your level of experience.

    The Innovation kit is a versatile tool that can be adapted according to the needs of your organization. Workshops can be one day long or two if that’s more convenient, you could even separate each exercise into small chunks each day. You can find suggested schedules in our Facilitator’s guide.

    Yes, absolutely! We actively encourage members from a variety of backgrounds to be part of the workshop.

    Yes, you can run this workshop online using digital boards and interactive tools such as Miro.