Innovative IoT solutions for the connected world

Product design, electronic engineering, hardware; it all starts with the user. Start your IoT project with a design-led process that will set you up for success.

Your full-service IoT delivery partner

Rapid innovation and visualisation

Take advantage of industry 4.0, connect your manufacturing and supply chain, enhance your existing products with digital connectivity — whatever your IoT sofware need, we can help you scope, design, develop and succeed.

Need help with product design, electronics or prototyping? Our trusted partner network can help.

Whatever you need, we believe that all IoT projects should start with a user centric design process.

Here’s how we do it…

Product innovation

Web and mobile app IoT products

Bounce ideas, validate market fit, explore business models and routes to market. We’ll use our vast experience to help you shape your idea for success.

Unlock efficiencies

Manage operations through data

Use mobile and web IoT applications to connect and manage your devices, unlock the data they provide and automate business processes.

Big data analytics

Unlock the power of data

Unlock important business insights by using Big Data analytics to collect, process and analyse Internet of Things data in real time.

UI & data visualisation

Design and present beautiful data

Data brings little value if it’s not processed, structured and presented in the right way. Get more from your data with considered data visualisations.

Mitigating security risk

Build trust in IoT connected devices

Cybersecurity risk is present at every step of the IoT journey. Mitigate that risk and plan for a secure, scalable and trusted IoT infrastructure .

Edge computing

Store your data at the edge

Connect, compute and store data at the edge, with data-centre-like capabilities. Analyse video streams, time series data and more.

We collaborate with The Product Partnership. Made up of four companies, the TPP has a wealth of expertise in product design, electronics, prototyping, model making and connected software (loT). Together we are ideally placed to create game changing products that power positive change.

Design Sprints

You have an idea and want to validate and bring it to life with UX/UI design and rapid prototyping 

Whether you are seeking investment for your idea, or validation from stakeholders and potential users, a Design Sprint is a great way to visualise and validate your ideas. Creating a prototype to bring your ideas to life.


Your product is broadly defined, but you need to architect it visually and technically, before building it

You wouldn’t build a house without having an architect visualise the structure, features and design so the builder has a blueprint to work from and can price more accurately. And when it comes to building software, neither would we.

Got a specific project in mind?

Use IoT to bring the digital world into the physical world, whether it is wearable health technology, smart home devices to industrial monitoring and automation, we can help you build the future. Get in touch with us today.