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Hello 👋, we're Newicon.
We help companies design and build incredible digital products particular in the IoT world that connects mobile, cloud and device data. We've been successfully providing our clients with digital solutions for over 10 years.

Newicon culture - juggling, guitar playing maniacs!
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Dream, Design, Develop, Deploy

We're experts in four key service areas: innovation, design, software and cloud. What that really means is that we help businesses to use smart technology to work towards a better tomorrow.

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🌥 clouds, 🕷 spiders and 🕸 webs

Since our inception we have focused on being experts in all things web. Connectivity and accessibility were always going to win the race. The web is the software platform of the future for all devices. It is the medium in which we interact with all other things in the world, be it companies, banks, people, or remote devices. At first people questioned why we had a relentless focus on building using web technologies. No one questions that today.

Why clients work with us

Our clients come to us for bespoke, digital solutions to their problems.
Each project is unique, but every single client has one thing in common:

They’re planning for a new tomorrow. So are we.

To us, ‘new tomorrow’ represents much more than a phrase. It’s our company mantra — the launch platform for everything we do. Why? Because the future is inspiring. Our collective tomorrows are filled with boundless opportunity.

Opportunity to grow. Opportunity to disrupt. Opportunity to have a lasting impact on the world.

What we believe

We believe the world is changing, and the pace of that change is increasing. Software is controlling every important aspect of our world. It’s quite hard to do anything without interacting with software. We believe, though this sounds scary, this represents an incredible opportunity for humanity. Newicon is here to aid that transition and ensure humans stay central to the equation.

All companies are software companies

Software is the brain that controls all modern machines. All experiences. And all interactions. If you are interacting in the world today you are using software. Businesses rely on software to stay efficient and competitive as well as provide unique joyful experiences for their users. Companies today have to compete by building better software. (It's a good job you are here)

Why we are here

Newicon is here to aid the transition to a more automated and connected future. To ensure AI helps and does not hinder, to make simple the complex, to educate necessary skills to build and empower future generations to use technology and not be used by it, to keep the human experience at the centre, to organise data and provide insight, and, essentially, to build tools that free the mind and give us all super powers 🚀.

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