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We are innovators and expert problem solvers in software engineering and development. Using web technology we help produce products and services for a variety of use cases. From Customer Portals, through to IoT, Mobile and Business Management Software. What’s your challenge?

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Innovative Web Applications

If you can dream it, we can build it!
The versatility of web technology – brought about through API driven data and modern browsers and devices – means web software can power whole businesses, create new market opportunities and provide a competitive edge over competitors. We work with entrepreneurs, ambitious SME’s and enterprise to utilise these technologies to improve all aspects of a business, from customer facing web portals, through to back-office systems such as dashboards, CRM, ERP and intranets that power the operations behind it all.
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Mobile App Development

Access your business from anywhere
Mobile is now the primary platform, with more Google searches launched from mobile than desktop. Mobile aplications play an ever increasing role in business today. From allowing your customers to interact with your business or checkout with mobile enhanced ecommerce stores, through to managing your staff and back office operations. We integrate mobile solutions with our bespoke web-apps and also provide integration with third party systems.
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Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect to the physical world
We live in a connected world, where AI and smart devices are creating new business opportunity and changing how people live.
Creative thinkers can disrupt markets and improve products by connecting physical devices to the internet of things. We design and develop customer led controller apps for mobile, and the web-applications that manage and control these devices.
Our expertise with web technology has allowed us to work with electronic firms and entrepreneurs to develop applications for heating thermostats and other innovative products. Do you have an IoT challenge for us?
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Back-Office Software

Connect your business, customers & data
Improving business operations starts with people and processes. We can work from a brief, but typically we prefer to understand your challenges with our own eyes. We facilitate requirements capture by offering process-mapping solutions. This involves shadowing your staff to understand their job role, challenges, frustrations and how each individual role interacts with another across the whole organisation.
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Data Dashboards and Analytics

Actionable insights

Using fact-based decisions to drive your business strategy, powered by analytics applied to rich data, enables your organisation to more accurately define your strategy and be successful.

We have produced many innovative online data dashboards and reporting tools to aid sales and marketing, operations and manufacturing and IoT device management.

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