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Mark Probert

·5 min read

The Lockdown: time to breathe, rethink and innovate!

I have tried to write this article with sensitivity to the fact that some businesses are struggling right now more than others. Survival, especially in hospitality, travel, entertainment and manufacturing is the number one goal whilst we continue to navigate through this lockdown.

However, even for organisations who are in survival mode, this time can be a great opportunity to take a deep breath – as long as nobody from outside your household is within 6 feet – explore your long term...

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Everything you need to know about getting investment for your startup

    An interview with Alister Sneddon, CTO and Co-Founder at Genuine Impact         Need help in figuring out how to secure investment for your startup?  Don’t...

George Barnes

·10 min read

5 problems with legacy software

Struggling to stay in control of a sprawling legacy software system? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We speak with countless companies — from SMEs right through to multinationals — that are stuck...

George Barnes

·3 min read

The problem with target=”_blank”

A security flaw in new tabs I recently discovered that making a link open a new tab by adding a target=”_blank” attribute actually creates the new tab in the same thread and browsing contexts as...

Luke Manson

·2 min read

11 (more) rules to live by in the world of software engineering

In the previous blog in this series, we asked our software engineers to offer up a few rules that they wished they’d known when they started out in the industry. They delivered 11 fantastic...


·1 min read

11 rules to live by in the world of software engineering

    Software engineering as a subject is obviously incredibly complex and almost impossible to boil down into a set of rules. Not to be put off by a challenge, however, we decided to give...


·2 min read

Things to consider when launching a new product

The phase between coming up with a new product and bringing that product to market is crucial. Here’s what you need to ask yourself, if you want to get it right. Sales and marketing considerations...

Mark Probert

·5 min read

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