Innovate Bristol and Bath 2021

Take a look at our feature in the new Innovate Bristol and Bath book.

Mark Probert

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
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The new Innovate Bristol and Bath book

Weโ€™re very excited to feature in another edition of the Innovate book series (check out our last entry). This edition is Innovate Bristol and Bath, and highlights the people and companies in the two cities who are working hard to innovate and create a better tomorrow. 




In the book we talk about our Innovation Kit, a tool designed to help democratise innovation so that any company of any size can benefit from innovative processes and design thinking.

Take a look at a free online copy of the book today! (We're on pages 250-251).

And find out more about our innovation kit here.

I'm Mark Probert

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Newicon

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