Exclusive video interview with SehaMed Director, Anne Hegmann-Weston

In an insightful exchange last month, Newicon's Chief Strategy Officer, Mark, joined Anne Hegmann-Weston, the Director of SehaMed, to delve into the workings of the game-changing global MedTech platform that's reshaping the industry landscape.

Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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In this exclusive interview Anne delves into the origins of the idea behind the SehaMed innovative 3-in-1 MedTech Platform, designed to connect manufacturers, distributors, and hospitals worldwide. Discover the story behind the platform, the strategic approach that led to its success, and the impressive outcomes it has achieved.

The SehaMed platform is game-changing and is revolutionising global healthcare services. It is not merely a digital platform, but a tool for transformative advancement, providing immediate access to critical medical equipment and fostering rapid international expansion. This large-scale progression is resulting in substantial improvements to health outcomes worldwide.

Listen to the full interview below:

Want to find out more, read the extensive case study on the ground breaking project here:


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I'm Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Newicon

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