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SehaMed marketplace is the world’s leading platform connecting the best US and European manufacturers with vetted, high-performing distributors globally.

The Challenge

SehaMed founder, Anne Hegmann-Weston of SehaMed was already in the Medtech industry, she was a distributor for medical products, serving as a vital link between manufacturers of healthcare products with distributors through face to face networking and manual connection requests. Anne’s aim was to streamline the highly fragmented global medical device supply chain.

Newicon were approached to build a global platform, the platform aims to remove the middleman and create a digital match-making link, thus allowing more time and resources for medical manufacturing companies to focus on their core business, rather than having to spend time contacting distributors via a lengthy and cumbersome process. 

Prior to the SehaMed platform, it was recognised that many developing countries such as Indonesia were missing out on being able to access vital US and European medical technology. The challenge was to create a portal that increased reach globally and raised awareness of emerging medical technology. 

Due to the global reach of the platform it was vital that the portal was multilingual. Often, hospitals and end-users are unaware of their options and products available on the market that can significantly improve their practice. They are heavily reliant on the presence of local sales representatives, annual conferences or time-consuming google searches. Local distributors/importers experience similar problems. It can be challenging to find new suppliers and devices that will not only improve healthcare in their country but that will also drive their company’s financial growth. 


Funding for this project was sought from Innovate UK and the Department for International Trade. Newicon worked alongside SehaMed to ensure that the project was applicable for the grant and that each core element of the platform incorporated internationalisation and would in turn benefit companies globally.

The Solution

Newicon began by building a prototype of the portal, utilising a design first approach. What this meant was that the end users – the manufacturers and distributors' needs were kept at the heart of the build, thus ensuring a successful uptake of the portal from launch.

Newicon created a technically advanced, multilingual online portal that now matches manufacturers with distributors and hospitals. Identifying distribution partners used to be a challenging task for medical manufacturers especially on a global scale, but this is now no longer the case!

Key features:

1. A platform that inspires and shares innovation.

2. A content management system for manufacturers to list their products and product specifications on individual product pages.

3. A method to tag which products are available to which regions/countries.

4. A LinkedIn messaging functionality to manage enquiries.

The platform includes an enquiries messaging system, this works with initial enquiries coming in via a contact form that allows the recipients to view the conversation very much like you might use the LinkedIn inbox. This streamlined communication tool keeps users on the platform.


The Result

SehaMed’s pioneering platform brings together MedTech manufacturers, distributors and hospitals in a single digital space to actively promote trade and drive the adoption of innovative technology in hospitals around the world and is expanding rapidly.

The SehaMed platform is game-changing and is revolutionising global healthcare services. It is not merely a digital platform, but a tool for transformative advancement, providing immediate access to critical medical equipment and fostering rapid international expansion. This large-scale progression is resulting in substantial improvements to health outcomes worldwide.

Revolutionising the sector and serving as a unique, indispensable asset to the Medtech industry, the SehaMed platform is expediting the dissemination and integration of cutting-edge, high-quality medical devices in hospitals globally. This ultimately ensures that no patient or hospital is left behind in the race for medical technological advancement.

Moreover, the SehaMed platform offers considerable benefits to key decision-makers in healthcare, such as doctors, consultants, and hospital directors. By facilitating equipment search at their convenience, potentially during off-peak hours, it circumvents the necessity of scheduling meetings with sales representatives during the hectic working day. Consequently, it allows these professionals to use their time more efficiently.

Through these contributions, the influence of the SehaMed platform extends far beyond convenience, permeating into every facet of global healthcare, and bringing forth a new era of improved health outcomes and service delivery.

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