Customer supply chain analytics and prediction-engine portal


Reuleaux are supply chain and consulting experts. Using their extensive sector wide supply chain experience they analyse, configure and re-design organisation supply chains.

They required a new digital platform to empower their customers to oversee their own supply chains, identify risks and predict positive and negative impact on their business, taking their supply chain management into their own hands.

The Challenge

The challenge to pull together disparate data sets, from civil unrest in countries, to major transport disruptions, analyse the supply chain and its dependencies and predict risk factors. We needed to explore the feasibility of this as well as design the human interface that would enable quick detection and confirmation of risk mitigation strategies.

The main goal of the product is to help companies understand global dependencies and risk factors affecting their supply chain.

The Solution

We conducted resource and design phase to review key data sets, as well as how the product would display complex data, raise alerts in a collaborative user interface

The Result

Design phase concluded successfully detailing the next steps to take the product forward.  Currently funding is being raised to make the product a reality.

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