FSD Active

Vibration control technology that turns “groundbreaking” on its head

FSD Active

FSD Active is an innovative British company that has taken an issue affecting buildings across the world — noise caused by vibrating floors — and come up with an elegant, inventive and advanced solution. With an idea 15 years in the making, the company designed and engineered CALM®FLOOR — a groundbreaking active vibration control device that uses innovative technology, similar to how noise canceling headphones work, to counteract and finely control vibrations in building floors.

The Challenge

FSD Active had the hardware in the bag, but they needed something outside of their skillset in order to launch the product. They required a new digital platform that enabled both their customers and their internal teams to access, monitor and manage data and information recorded by the devices installed in their buildings all over the world.

That’s where Newicon came in.

The Solution

To meet the needs of FSD, the Newicon team needed to create a portal for both FSD's clients and for FSD's admin team. 

In our collaboration with FSD, a pivotal aspect of the project was developing a secure API to facilitate seamless data integration among Amazon Timestream, Google Graphs, and Newicon's proprietary technologies. This included Project Bluesky, a versatile cross-platform JavaScript application, and Daedalus, our sophisticated managed SQL database.

Prior to development, we engaged in an intensive Agile Architecture stage. This foundational phase involved a series of collaborative workshops, design sprints, and prototype development with FSD. Our focus here was to meticulously define the project's scope, align it with user needs, and establish a clear, strategic roadmap for successful project delivery. This careful planning was crucial in ensuring that the final product not only met but exceeded FSD’s expectations.


The portal(s)

We created two variants of the portal — one for FSD customers and another for the FSD installation/administration team. Each portal is accessed through the same web application — created using Vue JS and using Neon (a platform Newicon created) as a database. 

The portals both needed to pull CALM®FLOOR data from Amazon Timestream from AWS, which is what's used to gather the data from the CALM®FLOOR devices. While the data that users input into the portals (company, building and personal data for example) was dealt with by forms we created in Neon. 

Once in the portal, the CALM®FLOOR device data was visualised using custom Google Graphs that we created. These graphs were used in both the admin and the customer portal. 

In the customer portal the implementation was quite simple, as it is used to show customers information from their device. 

In the admin portal it was a bit more complex, as a super-user might need to overlay a lot of data onto one graph, and they may want to see data from multiple devices or buildings.

The Result

On budget, we’ve now completed both the client and the admin portal. They look great and have all the functionally the client needs at this stage. 

We can’t wait to see the CALM®FLOOR devices out in the world, and for people to start using the portals. 


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