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Hartley Pensions

Hartley Pensions is a well established company that has been providing pension products to clients for more than 35 years. The Bristol-based company offers a range of products tailored to the requirements of their clients and they are committed to making the complex world of pensions simple.

In 1981, the company established itself as a Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) provider and in 2001 opened its first Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP). They also provide white label SIPPs for a number of leading investment and trading platforms.

Hartley wanted to digital transform the management of pensions and move the paper based process online, whilst enabling IFA's to services and manage their customers, complete with the ability for other companies to white label the product.

The Challenge

Bob Design, approached us to collaborate on an exciting and complex project by a leading pension company, Hartley.

As a financial institution, one of their challenges was to create a portal with a user-friendly interface that was simple, easy to use and that would allow clients to access their financial information, to make changes to their pensions and investments, all in real time.

Hartley Pensions have a diverse series of systems and processes and they were looking for a way to integrate all the functionality in one place and with enough flexibility to be adaptable by their clients.

They wanted to achieve this by creating a portal that would allow Independent Financial Advisors and their clients access to their pension information whenever they need it.

The Solution

After a series of workshops and meetings with key stakeholders from Hartley Pensions and our design partners, Bob Design, we collected all the information to map out the process and the features needed.

The objective was to build a white label Self-invested Personal Pensions or SIPP portal with a customizable interface, allowing companies to add their brand, making the experience personalised and in line with each company branding.

We started by converting the traditional paper forms into intuitive web based forms, as this would allow us to get all the information into the cloud.

The new web based forms would allow Independent Financial Advisors and their clients to set up, administer and complete applications online in a matter of minutes.

Using a user centred approach we developed an intuitive system that ensures accessibility and ease of use for each of Hartley’s clients:

Some of the key features of the SIPP portal include:

  • Ability to manage SIPP and investor details online
  • View investment summary (with clear and easy to understand graphics)
  • View bank transactions
  • Full automation of the drawdown process
The Result

Another important feature of the system was providing solution for a secure and reliable messaging communication between Hartley administrators and their clients. Newicon team designed and build this part of portal providing intuitive user experience.



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