Genuine Impact

A mobile app for an innovative fintech startup

Genuine Impact

Rapid app development, raising £500,000 in crowdfunding

Genuine Impact is an innovative fintech startup. Created by two previous BlackRock employees and a developer with extensive investment experience, Genuine Impact discovered a niche in the investment market, and decided to do something about it.

They knew that with their knowledge of the industry they could build a platform that would empower individuals to make better investments, based on genuine, unbiased insights. What they needed was a company to help them develop it — both in terms of evolving the idea and building the software.



The Challenge

Rapid Development

When Genuine Impact approached us, they had already developed their algorithm — the technology that would actually derive insight from investment data. But what they didn’t have was an app to package this tech, and present it to the public.

Building this app was key. To get the business off the ground, Genuine Impact needed investment. To do that, they needed a working application, uploaded to both the Apple and Android app stores. And they needed it quickly.


The Solution

Ready for Investment

In a short time-frame, we worked closely with Genuine Impact to deliver on three key areas: UX and branded interface designs, a clickable prototype, and a beta version of the app — uploaded to both Apple and Android app stores.


We started with Genuine Impact’s wireframes and feature list, and through a process of agile iteration, we evolved the embryonic idea into a fully fledged beta. By applying our expertise in UX design and brand development, we began the project by refining features, the user experience and the brand look.


Once the design architecture phase was over, development could begin. And it needed to kick off quickly — the app had to be in stores by a certain date, with no wiggle room. That deadline was under two months away (including the entire Christmas holidays). There was no time to waste.

Not ones to be daunted by a challenge, our development team jumped straight in.

The Product: Against the Odds

Under these conditions, we built a hybrid app, using a single Vue.js code-base which was then wrapped in Cordova, allowing it to work natively on both Android and iOS. Not only was this the most efficient way to build the app; it was also the most cost-effective for Genuine Impact.

Against the odds, we got the app online and on time, even after navigating the somewhat bureaucratic process involved with getting apps accepted onto the app stores.

Key Features

  • UX and branded interface design
  • A clickable prototype
  • A live app - for beta launch with customers on both Apple and Android (Google Play) stores
The Result

£500,000 Investment

After going live on both Apple and Android app stores, Genuine Impact went on to raise £500,000 on Crowdcube, beating their target by over 300%.

With active users already flocking to the app, Genuine Impact have predicted they’ll reach numbers in the 10,000s by the time full funding is secured.

The future looks very bright for Genuine Impact, and we’re proud to be an ongoing part of their journey.

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