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Meet our newest member to the Newicon senior leadership team, David Taylor, Chief Financial Officer. Dave brings with him a wealth of experience having worked within a variety of successful businesses, he excels in steering companies poised to become market leaders and is looking forward to contributing to strategic decision-making, providing insights that balance financial health with the company’s growth objectives. We caught up with Dave to find out a little bit more about him and what he's looking forward to the most in the coming year and beyond.

Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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​​​​​What's your working background, and how did you come to work for Newicon?

I have worked in Finance since I left college many years ago, starting at the bottom and working my way up across many different industries and size of businesses. I met Steve and Newicon through a friend and business associate.

Describe your job to a six-year-old

I provide information to help the people I work with to make good decisions

What are you looking forward to working on the most?

Getting my hands on reporting so we have meaningful insight into where we are as a business, and what we have available to continue to grow and improve.

What tech breakthroughs do you think we’ll be seeing in the next ten years?


What do you like doing outside of work, any unusual hobbies?

Favourite film/TV show/podcast?

What book should everyone read?

Steven King - The Stand

Share a meme that sums up you or your job…


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I'm Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Newicon

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