Newicon and Redlines to take centre stage at the Tomorrow Matters conference

Following on from the GAIA conference on the 28th February we will be heading to the Tomorrow Matters conference, also being held at the European Space Convention Centre. During the conference Mark will be taking centre stage for the second time, this time with Rob Sunderland, Managing Director of The DE Group and subsidiary company, RedLines.

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Sustainability conference 

As Newicon gears up for the Tomorrow Matters conference on February 29th at the European Space Convention Center, we're excited to delve into our collaboration with The DE Group on stage for a fireside chat with Managing Director, Rob Sunderland.

The Tomorrow Matters conference is aimed at cleantech industry players, entrepreneurs, investors, government bodies, academics and global as well as regional corporations. It will allow innovators and disruptive technology experts a place to discuss and collaborate on new and exciting innovations aimed at sustainability.

Discussing demystifying climate data: Bridging technology and environmental insight.

For us, most importantly, the conference is an opportunity to showcase some of the most transformative digital projects that are having a huge impact on the planet. So when we were approached to spotlight an industry “change maker”, a company positively shaking up their sector with the latest use of disruptive technology we were delighted when the esteemed Rob Sunderland, MD of The DE group, agreed to join us on stage to discuss “Demystifying climate data: Bridging technology and environmental insight.”

Newicon has been working with Digital Engineering for about two years, The DE Group, through its subsidiaries WindCheck and RedLines, is pioneering sustainable solutions in the renewable energy sector, particularly in wind energy. The Group's dedication to sustainability is evident in their innovative approaches to work and the expertise they bring to the field.

A little more about the group

WindCheck a key subsidiary of the group, is leading the way in wind resource assessment; they are committed to advancing wind energy as a sustainable and renewable resource. Their services, which includes wind resource assessments, project feasibility studies, and project development, are designed to accelerate the adoption of wind energy. By providing accurate and reliable assessments, WindCheck enables informed decision-making for wind energy projects.

RedLines is another subsidiary under the DE Group, and is making strides in offshore wind farm development with its climate analytics capabilities. Their recent project involved a comprehensive climate change risk and vulnerability assessment for offshore wind farm operators, emphasising the need for adaptive designs to ensure future resilience and sustainability of wind projects. Moreover, RedLines is developing a SaaS tool to provide real-time climate analysis, which will help wind farm developers optimise performance and mitigate climate-related risks, further underlining the groups commitment to sustainable wind farm development​​. 

Together, WindCheck and RedLines, under the umbrella of the DE Group, are at the forefront of integrating sustainability with technology. Their efforts not only enhance the efficiency and resilience of wind energy projects but also aligns with global sustainability goals, showcasing the DE Group's role as a catalyst in the transition to a more sustainable future for the energy sector.

During the conference CSO, Mark, and MD, Rob, will take to the stage to share their real world journey of how they have utilised the most intuitive technology and proven design strategy to tackle  a complex pressing environmental challenge. They will discuss the step-by-step process, from initial concept to developing a digital platform that turns environmental data into actionable strategies for businesses. 

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