Newicon's journey with the Bristol Creative Industries Internship programme

As we look back on our involvement in the 2023 Bristol Creative Industries Internship Programme we're filled with a sense of accomplishment. This journey has been filled with impactful moments, each playing a significant role in helping to shape the future of two bright aspiring creatives.

Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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At Newicon, we're proud to have been a part of the 2023 Bristol Creative Industries Internship Programme, a wonderful initiative aimed at supporting young people from underrepresented backgrounds wanting to gain more insight and real world experience in the creative industries.

As one of 15 participating companies in Bristol, we embraced the opportunity to contribute to meaningful change aimed at boosting the presence of talented young people from minority and low-income backgrounds in our sector.

Our partnership with Babbasa in this paid internship programme marks a significant advancement in nurturing a more diverse talent pool. By offering comprehensive guidance and imparting lasting skills in software development, coupled with real-world career advice and dedicated mentorship, we've proudly contributed to the professional growth of two exceptional young men, hopefully enriching their career paths in a positive and meaningful way.

Our interns, Ahmed and Omar, had the chance to spend three months each at our agency, during which time we provided them with support and training, allowing them to develop a wide array of skills, gain practical insights, and empowered them to make well-informed decisions about their future career paths.

The BCI programme aligns with the ambitious 'Our City 2030' vision, championed by Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees, to support individuals from inner-city households in Bristol to achieve a median salary by 2030. Being a part of this journey since its launch in November 2022 has been both an honour and a responsibility that the team at Newicon took to heart, especially our developers Erik and Gemma, both of whom worked closely with Ahmed and Omar during their time with us.

The success of the 2023 Bristol Creative Industries Internship Programme stands as a testament to the collective efforts of all participating businesses, and programme sponsors and we are delighted to have taken part. As this year's programme comes to a close, we’d like to extend our thanks to our interns Ahmed and Omar for their hard work during their time with us and wish them every success for the future. Our door is always open for any future guidance.

Feedback from Ahmed's experience was particularly heart warming:

 "I feel like I have achieved more than I wanted, and this is all down to the structure and help from my peers, Donata, Gemma, and Eric, who have all helped me with setting tasks and giving me tools to further my learning and understanding". 

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I'm Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Newicon

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