Meet Erik, Newicon's Software Developer

We are happy to announce that we have yet another fantastic addition to our development team. Erik has been with working with us since November and has already made a huge significant impact to an array of projects.

Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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What’s your working background, and how did you come to work for Newicon?

I was a fresh graduate when I started working for Newicon. It was actually my first big software development job. My first role was working for the marketing department creating websites and landing pages. Eventually, I was snatched by the software development department and ever since I have been working on all sorts of digital projects.

Describe your job to a six-year-old

Just like people speak different languages, computers do too! My job is to ask computers to do what we want them to and make sure it understands me. And to do so, I need to speak to them in a special language they can understand.

What are you looking forward to working on the most?

I’m really looking forward to working on some IoT projects. During my time at University I used to play with raspberry pi and it felt like lego for adults. I like how tangible my code becomes when I work with things, therefore I’m really looking forward to working on IoT projects more.

What tech breakthroughs do you think we’ll be seeing in the next ten years?

With the massive breakthroughs we've had in the last few years in the area of AI it is incredibly hard to tell. I think these breakthroughs are very disruptive to the entire tech world and it’s hard to tell where it is going to lead. I think a lot of areas of development might disappear as they will get replaced by AI, but some other new ones might appear.

What do you like doing outside of work, any unusual hobbies?

I like to skate and longboard, and to me this is the most enjoyable and flexible form of transportation within the city. Other than that I haven't really had much time for hobbies lately but I would like to get back to coding more in my free time with some fun projects.

Favourite film/TV show/podcast?

My favourite type of movie/tv show is one where I can’t guess what is coming next. My  favourite movie has to be “Prisoners”, and my favourite TV show is “Making a murderer”.

What book should everyone read?

“If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy?” by Raj Raghunathan

At Newicon we listen to a lot of music and make far too many playlists. What are your go-to songs and/or artists?

You see this is an incredibly hard one for me as I listen to music ALL.THE.TIME. What I listen to really depends on the situation and my mood. When I’m doing a repetitive task in a terminal I’ll put on some DnB to get the tempo going. In other situations I’m mostly listening to some hip hop. On my odd days I’m listening to a playlist filled with all the popular songs from the 80s, 90s and 00s.

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I'm Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Newicon

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