Exclusive round table event: Innovate, Accelerate, Activate

Innovate, Accelerate, Activate, moving forwards with intuitive design and advanced technology in the aviation, defence and engineering sectors. This exclusive round table event will be facilitated by Colin Turner from WEAF and aims to provide a platform for continuing the conversation around innovation and utilisation of technology to aid sector growth.

Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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Newicon are pleased to announce the first event from the "Minds in Motion" series taking place next month.

Last month Newicon's CEO Steve O’Brien asked Jeegar Kakkad, The Head of Productivity and Innovation at the Tony Blair Institute, how he felt businesses could empower positive technical advancements to aid industry growth. The response was simple. As a collective, businesses must use their power, knowledge and technical capabilities to foster collaborations and partnerships with other companies, local government, academic institutions, and industry experts to exchange ideas, share resources, and build networks.

This event was inspired by the idea that together we are stronger and in order to drive innovation and utilise the latest technology within these sectors, which is essential to staying competitive, increasing efficiency, and enhancing safety, we must work together.

Newicon are passionate about bringing positive change to the sectors that we work in. Software is controlling such a large proportion of our world, in a personal and business sense. The importance of software controlling aspects of our work has only increased in recent years as more industries and businesses have adopted digital technologies to improve efficiency and competitiveness. However for many organisations the true potential to automate and improve maintenance and operational efficiency via a plethora of business systems, mobile applications and IoT has barely been touched upon. 

As the host for this event Newicon will be providing a confidential space for a limited number of industry professionals to knowledge share, brainstorm ideas and accelerate innovation within their organisations.

Attendees will come away from the morning roundtable discussion with key takeaway points and ideas that they can implement within their organisations quickly. 

This event is the beginning of the conversation, attendees should expect an excellent networking opportunity, a collaborative and engaging debate that will provide valuable information on the latest technologies as well as the opportunity to help solve business and operational problems.

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I'm Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Newicon

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