Future Thinking Episode 9 - How it all began: With Steve, Neill and Mark

It's back to the future in our latest episode of Future Thinking!

George Barnes

Content Marketing Manager
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Future Thinking Episode 9 with Steve, Neill and Mark

In celebration of Newicon’s 16th birthday we have a special birthday edition of the podcast this month. We sat down with the people who made Newicon the business it is today: Steve (our CEO), Mark (our CMSO) and Neill (our COO).

In this episode we talk about how Newicon was founded and why. We discuss the challenges that we set out to solve (and the challenges we faced along the way). 

But it’s not all about history. This is Future Thinking after all, and the podcast is committed to sharing innovative ideas and offering genuine solutions. So we also talked about what advice Steve, Neill and Mark would give after their experience growing Newicon, and what technologies they think you should keep an eye on in the near future.

This episode is a bit longer than normal, but it’s packed with interesting info and insights, so well worth listening to the whole thing!

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You can also listen to the birthday episode below...


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