Future Thinking Episode 8 - Digital Transformation and beyond!

Discover what you'll learn by listening to episode 8 of the Future Thinking podcast from Newicon, with special guest Tom Geraghty (here's a hint: if you're interested in Digital Transformation, you'll not want to miss it!)

George Barnes

Content Marketing Manager
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Tom Geraghty episode 8 future thinking

For this month’s episode of Future Thinking we talked again to friend-of-the-show and innovation expert Tom Geraghty. 

We first spoke to Tom back in episode 4 of the podcast, and discussed the power of psychological safety in businesses. 

In that episode we touched on the role of psychological safety in digital transformations. In this latest episode we take that idea further and look at the role of digital transformation for businesses today. 

Our chat ranged from the hows of transformation through to the whys, whos and wheres. This episode is packed with actionable advice, insight and information. It’s a must listen, not only for those looking to digitally transform, but for anyone interested in creating a more efficient business.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, and you can subscribe to hear past and future episodes by heading over to the Future Thinking site

I'm George Barnes

Content Marketing Manager at Newicon

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