Future Thinking Episode 10 - Teaching Innovation with Dave Jarman

Can innovation be taught? You bet your bottom dollar it can, and we met the man that does it!

George Barnes

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Future thinking episode 10 with Dave Jarman

I learned a lot in the latest episode of Future Thinking, and that’s not surprising considering I was talking to one of the UK’s leading educations in the world of innovation! This month’s guest was Dave Jarman, Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bristol. 

I’d seen Dave through his TedX talk on why you should start a side project, and was really interested in exploring how he goes about teaching people to actually get better at innovating and using those skills to start and grow businesses. 

It gels with the idea that I’m trying to explore more in the podcast in general — that innovation is something solely for the tech companies or smart startups of the world, it’s for everyone. And it’s actually something that can be learned. 

With the world being as unpredictable as it is, I think it’s never been more important for businesses of all shapes and sizes to learn how to innovate. And the advice that Dave gives in this episode could go a long way to helping you achieve that goal!

Dave was a fantastic, eloquent guest (as you can imagine from someone who teaches this stuff for a living!), and was a real pleasure to talk to. 

Have a listen and let me know what you think.  

Here is the list of links for material that Dave recommended in the pod: 

Matthew Syed's Rebel Ideas

Steven Johnson's Where Good Ideas Come From

Tim Harford's 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy

Eric Ries' Lean Startup

The Strategyzer Series

Bristol Futures Innovation and Enterprise Course Trailer

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