Event Summary: Minds In Motion Series Two - Tech Titans, Navigating Innovation and Cyber Security

Yesterday, we were thrilled to host the second instalment of our Minds in Motion event series, "Tech Titans: Navigating Innovation and Cyber Security," in partnership with Threatplane. The roundtable, held at The Architect near Queen's Square in Bristol, brought together senior business leaders from various sectors, including banking, financial services, insurance, defence, and professional services, for a morning full of discussion and insight.

Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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The event began with an informal meet and greet over coffee and pastries. Chief Strategy Officer, Mark, from Newicon was excited to kick things off with the company’s new brand video, giving our guests a deeper look into Newicon's mission.

Mark opened the first session, discussing the importance of design thinking in today's business landscape. He highlighted how many of the most successful clients he’s worked with are integrating this approach to innovate and refine their projects. The attendees each  emphasised their experiences and the value of high-fidelity prototyping and user-centric design in developing digital products that truly resonate with end-users.


The field of AI in business

The conversation then shifted to the burgeoning field of AI, examining its adoption across industries, associated risks, and the intricate web of legislation surrounding it. Attendees explored the delicate balance between driving innovation and maintaining robust security measures, ensuring that one does not impede the other. The discussion went round the table and back again, with this hotly debated topic high on the agenda for many.

Harnessing empathy and design thinking 

A pivotal segment of the discussion focused on the topic of harnessing empathy and design thinking within engineering and product development frameworks. Grasping the essence of the primary challenge and the end-user's requirements is vital, we were all in agreement in that respect, but noted it was a notion often sidelined in larger more regulatory led organisations. We also delved into the significance of embracing a grassroots approach to innovation, fostering interdepartmental conversations to develop solutions that are authentically advantageous and centred around the user's perspective. This aspect of the conversation proved particularly engaging, given the diverse expertise and backgrounds of the attendees. 

Each participant enriched the conversation with their unique experiences, sharing poignant examples of project triumphs and setbacks, which added depth and real-world relevance to the theoretical principles being discussed.

The concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and its relevance in avoiding the pitfalls of changing requirements and priorities, particularly in the public sector, was another focal point. The discussion underscored the necessity of agility and adaptability in project management and development.


Threatplan Cyber Security experts


Jonny, from Threatplane, delved into the challenges of cross-functional team collaboration in large organisations and the efficacy of the double diamond approach in product development. This method emphasises the need to slow down the ideation and development process to ensure the final product meets the actual needs of the users and the business. Slow down to speed up essentially.

Discussions also touched on the broader implications of AI on various industries, from disruptive startups to more conservative enterprises, highlighting the need to balance innovation with risk management. The dialogue extended to the management of enterprise risks and the role of regulatory bodies in shaping the landscape of cyber security and innovation.

The event concluded with a hands-on cyber security workshop led by Jonny, providing attendees with valuable insights into protecting their businesses in the digital age.


What's next?

Overall, the Minds in Motion event was a resounding success, fostering meaningful discussions and networking opportunities. The enthusiasm and engagement from all participants has fulled renewed enthusiasm for the future events. We look forward to continuing these important conversations and tackling new challenges in our upcoming sessions.

Stay tuned for more information on our next event, and join us as we explore the cutting edge of technology, innovation, and security.


I'm Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Newicon

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