Joining Bristol24/7’s Better Business Network

A match made in heaven, as we both share similar goals. We are very excited to see the synergy this network creates and hope to create a positive impact for Bristol.

Ollie Ley

Creative Strategist
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Did you hear the news? - I'm proud to announce that Newicon has joined Bristol 24/7’s fantastic initiative, called, Better Business Network. Better Business is an initiative that helps businesses thrive whilst creating a positive impact on Bristol and the people who live here. 

Both us and the Better Business Network share similar goals of making Bristol and its surrounding areas a better place to live and work. For us, we hope to partner with an even wider community of businesses, helping them harness the power of innovative thinking, design-led processes and custom-built software. 

“We both have a love and passion for all things Bristol and share similar goals to help the city and the region prosper. We’re very excited to get to work with the network, putting on events and networking with like-minded businesses.” - Mark Probert, CSMO, Newicon. 

While also being positive for members, this network helps B24/7 to fund impactful social and environmental projects, like the community reporter initiative, and they host events to bring businesses together under a shared goal of making our city better for everybody.

One area we are passionate to help Bristol in its growth as an innovation centre, as you might know, we take pride in offering educational content such as blogsa podcast, and events, helping businesses in the area get to grips with ways of utilising the various, powerful technologies available to them. And becoming a part of Bristol 24/7’s Better Business Network is a fantastic opportunity to further these goals.

A word of appreciation to Matt King, Ruth Morris and the whole B24/7 team whose passion for Bristol is like no over. I'm looking forward to seeing the positive outcomes this network brings for us, the community and our fellow members.

You can read the B24/7 article here.

I'm Ollie Ley

Creative Strategist at Newicon

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