Announcement: Newicon is now part of the Product Partnership

Announcement of a brand new and exciting partnership for Newicon. We're adding our software expertise to the Product Partnership - a group of companies with expertise in product design, electronic design and prototyping; creating a one-top-shop for innovation.

Karin Rudolph

Events & Engagement Manager
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Last week during our “Fuelling Innovation” event at the Engine Shed, we were very excited to announce that  we’re joining the Product Partnership — a group of leading technical agencies working together to turn great ideas into great products.

The Product Partnership is formed by four Bristol-based companies, each bringing expertise in unique areas such as product and digital design, prototyping, connected technologies and electric design.

Fuelling innovation into the region

On Tuesday 12th of October and as part of the Bristol Technology Festival  we hosted  our first in-person event, where attendees had the opportunity to see presentations from Mark Probert, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Newicon, and Richard O’Brien, Head of Digital Marketing, who guided the audience  through the design-sprint process, from the starting point to successfully marketing an innovation.

The Fuelling Innovation event had representatives from the four agencies involved in the Product Partnership, supporting us at this new stage in our journey. 

Huw Robson, Innovation Consultant at the Product Partnership says.

“The Product Partnerships began with Realise Product Design, Cubik Innovations and Amalgam Modelmaking offering their complementary skill sets on product design and engineering, electronic design and manufacture and prototype making. 

Yet the partnership was missing one key capability when physical tech requires a matching app or web-based backend and dashboard, to form the full solution: as exemplified by the growing "Internet of Things” opportunity. We needed a strong software partner and we had a familiar and highly regarded business that had worked with us in the past - Newicon. And so we are now a partnership of four and the future looks even brighter for those needing development support to make their good ideas into great products”

We are on a mission to make innovation accessible to everyone and as we believe that working together we can stimulate innovation and growth in Bristol and beyond.

A new way to collaborate

Collaboration has always been part of our DNA as a company and we are excited to be joining  the Product Partnership.

With customers at the centre of everything we do, we are thrilled to be able to offer end to end services to our new and existing clients.

Combining a wide set of skills and expertise, the Product Partnership approaches each project from the initial consultation to help clients define their goals and strategies while providing a single point of contact for businesses wanting to innovate.

This collective approach is the result of four companies coming together; Product Design company Realise, Model Design Company Amalgam, Electronic Design and prototype Cubic,  and now the Design led web, software and digital development company Newicon.

To find out more about how the Product Partnership can help your business, visit the site or get in touch at


I'm Karin Rudolph

Events & Engagement Manager at Newicon

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