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Advanced Logic Analytics

Founded in 2017, and backed by more than 10 years of academic research in the fields of behavioural science and data analytics, Advanced Logic Analytics offers financial firms unique algorithms, powering analytical solutions to help deliver alpha.

The Challenge

Advanced Logic Analytics (ALA), a fintech firm offering a suite of applications, recognised the need for a sophisticated mobile app to supplement their existing desktop application: Alasa. The objective was to cater to the fast-paced needs of professional day traders who depend on real-time, data-driven insights for their buy and sell decisions.

The vision for the new mobile app was ambitious – it would allow users to swiftly create portfolios from thousands of stocks, analyse market sentiment across the entire portfolio, and evaluate market sentiment derived from hundreds of global news feeds and social media platforms. This vast volume of data would be translated into a scoring algorithm for traders to make informed investment decisions each day.

The challenge lay in harvesting, storing, and translating voluminous data from numerous providers (APIs) into an accessible format that could be crisply and concisely presented on iOS and Android mobile platforms.


The Solution

Our approach began with a comprehensive UX review of ALA's existing application to pinpoint areas requiring crucial enhancement. The findings from this stage helped define the features necessary for the initial MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that would pique market interest and attract further investment into the company.

We went on to develop a cross-platform mobile app with a user-friendly interface, employing web technology and using the AWS cloud infrastructure for efficient data management and cost control as user base and data volume increased.


The Result

We delivered a sophisticated mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android that supported ALA in sourcing further investment for the product launch and marketing. The app includes features like:

  1. Subscription to specific securities sets such as FTSE100, SMP500 and NASDAQ.
  2. Live ticker numbers with daily, weekly, and monthly scores based on news and social sentiment.
  3. Portfolio creation and management with average daily, weekly, and monthly portfolio scores.
  4. An expert insights (news) section featuring industry tech news used for scoring tickers.
  5. A social "crowd" section offering insights into each ticker's social scoring.
  6. Notifications and alerts for score changes in single tickers (stock IDs) and ETFs/portfolios.

The app, designed to scale with demand, has provisions for transitioning into a full-fledged SaaS app with recurring customer billing and KPI reporting.  ALA successfully obtained funding and are primed to roll the app out to the financial market.

Our technology solution offered a unique feature that potentially replaced hours of market research, assisting day traders with accurate, real-time insights and aiding them in making better decisions.


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