11 Technologies We’re Excited About In 2022

Take a look at our list of 11 technological innovations that we're excited to see in 2022. Which of these might impact your business?

George Barnes

Content Marketing Manager
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Will 2022 be better than 2021? In many ways it certainly seems like it. And when it comes to emerging technologies, it’s a shoo-in. This year a slew of exciting new technologies are set to make a huge impact on the way we live and work. 

Here at Newicon it’s important that we keep an eye on emerging tech trends so that we can advise our clients of their available options (and also because it’s interesting!). 

With that in mind we thought we’d share a few new tech developments that we’re excited to see in 2022. We’re looking at 11 technology developments but there are plenty more tech developments in 2022, but these are the ones that have caught our attention so far.

1. Web3

Sometimes known as Web 3.0, Web3 is a bit hard to define (as it’s still in the process of being defined), but at its heart it’s about using tech like NFTs and blockchain to decentralize data on the internet. It has its pros and cons. On the one hand it could mean better privacy for the internet-using public. But on the other hand it could make things much harder to regulate and lead to a bit of a WIld West. One to watch. 

2. Space 

Obviously not a technology in itself, but a new age of exploration is being driven by advancement in tech. And with South West England getting its very own space port this year, it’s an exciting time to be working on potential space projects. 

3. Hyperautomation

Automation has long been a cornerstone of digital transformation. In 2022 there are enough technologies available to create what’s being called Hyperautomation — where tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI), work in harmony to automate complex business processes, automating previous automations!

4. Autonomic Systems

Autonomic systems are designed to learn from their environments and dynamically change their own algorithms in real time to optimise how they behave in complex ecosystems. It’s based on the autonomic nervous system, which is the involuntary part of your nervous system that regulates things like your heart rate. 

5. Generative AI

Generative AI is technology that creates new content based on existing files or data. This tech is really promising to come to the fore in 2022. A  good example is the company Kaidim, which you can find out more about in our podcast episode with one of the founders.

6. Metaverse

This could be the year that augmented/virtual reality really starts to play a big role in our everyday lives. The technology behind it has developed a lot since the AR/VR came back into the public consciousness a few years ago. But the main reason that it’s likely to make a splash this year is that Facebook is behind it. Now’s the time to start thinking about how your business will operate in the metaverse!

7. Self-fertilizing crops

At the moment global use of fertilizers makes up about 1% to 2% of global C02 emissions. But certain crops - such as soybeans, among others - are able to create their own nitrogen. 2022 could mark the year that scientists finally are able to modify other crops - like corn and wheat - to go through the same process. This would make a huge difference in the fight against climate change. 

8. Cryptocurrencies

If you’re thinking “that’s not a new tech” then you’re right. But 2022 is likely to be the year that cryptocurrencies come out of the long grass and become part of the mainstream. Central banks in countries like the UK, Sweden and Canada are looking into creating their own digital currencies. One of the downsides to this is the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies as they take so much power to create. This could change though

9. 3D Printed houses

Another tech that’s not new, but certainly one that’s set to have a big global impact in 2022. 3D house building already exists but access to concrete means it hasn’t made a huge difference where it’s needed. Now, however, a company has found a way to 3D print with clay earth, making the tech much more applicable. 

10. 3D Printing to fix the supply chain

Yes, 3D printing again! The effect that this technology could have on a struggling supply chain in 2022 deserved it’s own mention. It’ll come as no surprise that supply chains really struggled in 2021 from a mixture of covid and ramifications of the blocking of the Suez Canal. But with 3D printing, we might find that we don’t need to transport so many items. As 3D printing technology gets better by the day and costs decrease, this will become a genuine option in 2022. Not only will this be great for businesses and consumers, it will also help reduce C02 emissions.

11. A more powerful IoT

An array of factors is set to transform the Internet of Things in 2022. Faster data transfers, increased coverage and energy efficiency of 5G networks alongside more advanced hardware mean that the IoT will be more viable for places that were previously difficult - in agriculture, shipping, space and more. The IoT has been around for a while, but it’s about to undergo a real transformation so definitely worth thinking about how you can leverage this powerful technology.

Can technology transform your business in 2022?

What do you think of our list? Is there any tech that you’d add?

If you’d like to talk to us about using any of these advancements (or other technologies) to transform your business for the better in 2022, then get in touch. We’d love to hear from you and to talk about the opportunities available to you. 


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