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Digital Marketing

Twenty-five high-conversion keywords in position 1-5 on Google.

When we first witnessed the quality and passion Marble Supreme demonstrated in craftsmanship, we knew we had to help them spread the word. And whilst commercial projects were coming in fast, the consumer market was much more competitive.

Website traffic increased by 182% and 120% YoY
increase in PPC conversions year-on-year

Solution: two year strategy to position them as a market leader

To position Marble Supreme as a market leader in stone kitchen and bathroom surfaces for the trade and consumer markets, we conducted a thorough competitor and keyword analysis. This acted as a benchmark for the competition and established a long-term vision for Marble Supreme’s digital strategy.

This strategy has been rolled out over the past two years, and includes a new, responsive website, a strong presence across organic search results, pay-per-click, and regular content marketing and social media engagement to promote Marble Supreme’s authority in its industry. As well as a review and referral strategy that has seen the company obtain more than 40 five-star reviews on Google.

From the outset, we have reported ROI every month through advanced analytics. We have tracked conversion directly back to each acquisition channel, demonstrating true ROI and allowing us to learn which activities provide the best return, so we can make the best use of the budget.

Key Features

  1. Multi-channel digital strategy including SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing.
  2. Responsive website optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  3. Customer persona mapping and brand positioning.
  4. Advanced analytics to track user behaviour, acquisition channels and conversion metrics.
  5. Management and optimisation of new and existing PPC campaigns.
  6. Production of thought leadership and educational content.
  7. Successful customer recommendation and referral programme.

The Statistics

Some of our top stats for the growth of Marble Supreme.

keywords on page one of Google’s organic results
high-converting keywords in the top three results on Google
Website traffic increased by 182% and 120% YoY
increase in PPC conversions year-on-year.
increase in PPC conversions year-on-year.
blog articles produced and appearing in Google searches.

The Results

Over the past few years we have completely overhauled their online presence, brand and supporting marketing material. Our website optimisation and digital marketing strategy has seen Marble Supreme cease all traditional marketing activity and now provides the business with 100% of the lead generation that is helping it achieve its long term business growth strategy. Since then, Marble Supreme have also increased their retainer with us by two days and are still happily reporting a positive and noticeable return from increased activity and optimisation.


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