Unlocking business success: How to drive Innovation in Aerospace and other key Industries

In this latest blog post, explore essential strategies and insights from our CEO and CSO gathered at recent events and roundtable discussions that are crucial for any business aiming to thrive in today's innovation-driven environment. Learn how to leverage these key concepts to propel your organisation forward and implement valuable strategies that can position your business for sustained success and industry leadership.

Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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It's increasingly common to find Newicon company CEO, Steve O'Brien, and CSO, Mark Probert, engaging audiences across the country through keynote speeches and roundtable discussions. As pioneers in their fields, they are deeply involved in exploring the expanding role of new technologies, AI integration, and innovative adaptations within the digital landscape—a necessity for thriving in today's industry environments across all sectors.

On Wednesday 8th May, Steve and Mark joined forces with suppliers and procurement specialists from the aerospace sector to tackle some of the pressing digital challenges facing the industry.

Here are some of the key takeaways

Digital Integration Challenges

Many organisations face hurdles in adopting digital technologies, and the aerospace sector is no different. Sometimes the task in hand seems monumentally large and a starting point difficult to pinpoint. So what is the solution? Well the solution often lies in equipping individuals with the design skills necessary to adapt these technologies to their specific processes, bridging the gap between C-suite ambitions and shop floor realities. The key is often innovation over technology—it’s not just about having the latest tech, but learning how to effectively use it to drive innovative solutions.

Don't forget lean Engineering

Digital is just another tool in the continuous improvement tool box.  Digital solutions are to transform and transport information.  The manipulation of information should be considered another aspect of value and process transformation.  Give the owner of the build process design authority on what information must do.  For example transporting information from this machine to this machine, closing feedback loops, etc removing information inventory.  Then other skills such as cyber security, software development etc can be involved to make it happen - but they should answer to the owner of the process. Digital should not be siloed in IT teams.

Empowerment through design thinking 

Training teams to think digitally and integrate these skills into ongoing improvement processes can have a transformative impact. By empowering staff to manage their own 'innovation 360', can revolutionise problem-solving within the large companies that they work in, including aerospace. A real focus and concerted effort is needed to empower change-makers, the people who are often on the shop floor or working within specific departments ripe for digital transformation. These individuals are the people who can and will drive substantial change, and with the right support and the ability to draw out the problems needed to be overcome, is where the real value lies!

Innovation without boundaries

Traditional barriers in large company procurement processes often stifles innovation. Empowering individuals to generate ideas and clearly signposting them to who best to approach for development of these ideas is liquid gold! Organisations that are facilitating the creation of a proactive, solution-oriented workforce are the ones leading in their fields and innovating new digital products first. Fostering a bottom-up culture is key—great ideas can arise from anywhere within an organisation and in order to get to these ideas it is crucial to not only listen but also to take action.

Innovation for Impact

Conducting innovation workshops and tailored training sessions can provide immense value, especially for large teams facing challenges with digital adoption. The key to success lies in tackling problems incrementally. Organisations need to adopt the mindset to "Dream big, start small." By breaking down complex issues into smaller, manageable tasks, teams can  make consistent progress. This step-by-step approach not only simplifies the process but also builds momentum as each small victory paves the way for larger successes. This methodical  progression is essential for seeing tangible results and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Supporting 'Intrepreneurs' 

These individuals possess innovative mindsets that can catalyse significant breakthroughs. They not only have fresh, transformative ideas but also the drive necessary to execute these ideas effectively. Encouraging and empowering these people within organisations is crucial, as they can become pivotal in advancing company's internal innovation and driving meaningful change. These are the types of people that would thrive utilising the Innovation Kit.

In summary, fostering a culture of innovation is crucial for any organisation aiming to thrive through digital transformation—whether it’s through AI integration, automating processes, developing software, or overhauling all internal technology systems. Empowering individuals at all levels to think digitally and tackle problems incrementally, alongside supporting "intrepreneurs" who are the ones that will spearhead internal change, are strategies that bring substantial benefits. Organisations that effectively implement practices to foster this culture are frequently industry leaders, transforming potential challenges into avenues for growth and innovation.

Our teams here at Newicon are working with companies across a wide variety of sectors, including aerospace, who are already embracing these strategies. By dismantling barriers, promoting open dialogue, and fostering creative problem-solving, early adopter businesses that are not afraid to embrace a “New tomorrow” are positioning themselves at the forefront of their fields, ready to meet increasing business demands.

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I'm Astra Baker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Newicon

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