Introducing our new client

The Planet!

We want to work on technology problems that have a big impact and initiatives that improve the world we live in and leave a lasting legacy. We're looking to partner with people who share this mission. So we’re calling on all universities, entrepreneurs, ethical corporations;
lets innovate together...


Let’s save this giant spaceship, together

We’re all on this spaceship, flying through the galaxy at 67,000 miles per hour. It’s our duty to care for it, improve it. Dare we say — save it.

If you work in the energy sector, agritech, or anything else that impacts the environment, get in touch. We ‘d like to jointly bid with you for InnovateUK grants or seek out angel investors. We can’t do it alone, we need sector specific expertise to make it happen. Let’s ideate and collaborate!


Vertical farming

Bounce ideas, validate market fit, explore business models and routes to market. We’ll use our experience to help you shape your idea for success.



Working with our long-standing brand partner, Bob Design, we can help you create a unique brand that’ll transform your image to both investors and customers.


Waste & Recycling

Get a working prototype of your product into the hands of investors to boost your chances of obtaining funding.



Have a business plan but don’t have the tech expertise to bring your product to life? No problem, we’ve got you covered.


Water & Sanitisation

How will potential customers hear about your startup? Have you planned a social campaign? Do you have testing surveys set up? Our marketing team can help.



Through our network, we can help you look in the right places for investment. Then we’ll arm you with the tools you need to stand the best possible chance.

Big ideas. Big impact.

Together, let’s step into new spaces. Big ideas that lead to big changes. Designing and developing original products and services that have a gloabl impact. Energy, farming, waste, water, space and beyond. Let’s design a new tomorrow, together.

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Newicon & Friends

We can’t do it without you, and we can’t do it without our friends either. Thankfully we’ve found some great friends over the years since we started out almost 15 years ago, back in Steve’s spare bedroom. Together, let’s do this.


Money makes the world go round

We actively seek funding for our clients, partners and for ourselves. From grant opportunities to investors, we use our network to give every idea a fighting chance. We can also assist with R&D tax credit claims to help the money go that bit further. After-all, every little helps!

Winning bids to secure investment

Amongst our friends we have a network of expert bid-writers, who not only have their finger on the pulse, but have the skills and experience to help us and you craft winning bids for grant funding, or to develop high impact pitch deck for investors.

Protecting unique ideas and brands

Intellectual property partners
Our friend network extends to IP lawyers and trademark experts. Protecting great ideas, unique tech and brand marks where feasible. We aren’t ones for letting legal talk hold up great ideas, but when you have a hot idea, then it can pay to protect it.

Designing physical products and hardware

Newicon is part of ‘The Product Partnership’, a merry band of product designers, model makers and hardware experts. When product meets at the intersection known as IoT (Internet of Things) that’s where our friends come in to work alongside us.

Ready to partner with us?

Whatever your idea, we can help you build your future. Get in touch with us today.

0117 205 0425

Need some advice?

Looking to utilise digital technology to streamline your operations or launch new products and services, contact our digital strategy director Mark for a free consultation.

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