Supporting Bristol Residents Through The Lockdown

Shani Hawthorne-Williams

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Ever since Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation, outlining new measures aimed at protecting people from the coronavirus outbreak, Bristol (where Newicon is based) has felt like a very different place to live.

The city is no longer awash with the hustle and bustle of international tourists and the graffiti-strewn streets are practically empty, except for a couple of individuals participating in their daily exercise routines.

Most of Bristol’s businesses have shut their doors to help contain the spread of Covid-19 and local schools are closed until further notice. In fact, all of our team are working from home whilst managing their own child care - check out how Newiconees are successfully working from home with these helpful tips.

But as we enter into this second testing weekend of self isolation, we ask ourselves what services are available to support us (Bristol residents) during these unprecedented times?


Food & groceries

To find out which other independent businesses are delivering to your area, visit Indie Maps or check out this helpful guide on Google.


Support for the NHS & emergency services

Support for the elderly

Essential supplies


Fitness & exercise

Health & wellbeing


With local residents, businesses and authorities banding together to support the city through the Coronavirus pandemic, there will be regular updates to the services listed above.

We will endeavour to keep this list up to date and share any new helpful resources as well as marketing tips to support your business during the outbreak. If you’d like to add your business to this list, get in touch with Otherwise, stay safe and don’t forget to keep washing those hands!

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